Surreal Houston


I decided to do a search on Yahoo Groups for Houston just to see what was out there. Its kind of amazing. Here are some of the more interesting groups. Sometimes its isn’t the group it self that is so interesting as it is the number of people in it.

One of the biggest groups in the first 100 was Houston Affairs which has over 2100 members. I wonder how many are Private Investigators and spouses watching to see if their spouse signs up. I thought about joining to see what the traffic was like, but decided I wouldn’t want myself connected with the group.

The Houston Freaks group is also pretty big and has a lively discussion. It is for people who want to be in porn.

Want to be meet guys that will treat you like a bimbo? houston_bimbosandwannabees is for you. I wonder how a bimbo wants to be treated?

Maybe these people – Become_a_star_houston – should be on Houston Freaks.

OK houston-swingers is the new leader in membership.

How about trek_houston for gay trekkies.

Houston Gamers are for people who like to play board games.

OK I’ve had enough.