Motherload of Software Business Info


I decided to go to the Carnival of Capitalist which I’ve never been interested in till recently. It was really good and I got 4 new feeds to read. But the best site for what I’m trying to do is It is the mother load of information on marketing your software start up, which is exactly what I want to do. It gave me really detailed and coherent information on how to promote my software company.

I’ve already decided I need to seriously update my company website to be more product focused, so its bloginess is going to be going away in the near future. I’v also decided I need to hire a designer to create a over all look for R.A.D. Productions and its products. Then I can take this look to product packaging (which is just a downloadable disk image background), the website, and the about box of the product.

As an interesting aside, the other day I was looking at Google and decided to search for “Mac Image Downloader“, which is the big focus of Suck It Down, my product. The R.A.D. Productions site didn’t even show up. I went and changed the title to “R.A.D. Productions, Makers of Image Downloader SuckItDown” and now we are ranked #2.