My wife is into collecting paintings and she has artists she likes, Tarkay and Trebie being two that we have multiple prints of in our house. Though none of them are nudes.

As you know I’m into photography. I was reading an article recently on collecting photographic fine art prints and thought maybe I could find an artist I liked.

Well I went on ebay and found one. Howard Austin Feld. Some of his stuff as been too digitally manipulated like this women in a chair, but I found three images I really liked. “The Dancer”, “Sapphire”, “Woman All Over”. ( They are nudes so they are probably not safe for work).

But I would feel weird putting these prints on the wall of my home office because they are photographs. If they were paintings I’d feel less weird. What’s up with that?

Written while listening to “Im A Slave For You (Full REAL Song)”
album Britney
by Britney Spears