No Toy Guns


So I’m going as Bruce Willis in our New Years Costume Party and I started getting together stuff for my costume last night. I happen to see Die Hard on network TV and told TIVO to catch half of it. I then went to Wal-mart and bought a grey muscle/undershirt. I have a dart gun I’m going to duct tape to my back and a buddy is bringing over a black walkie talkie. But I also wanted to carry a M4 machine gun ( “Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho.”) But there were no toy guns at Wal-Mart. Nor Toys R Us, or Target. There were these Police and Military dress up kits, with a knight stick, a knife, even a hand granade, but no gun.

I went to Academy sporting goods store at lunch because they have BB guns that look like real guns. Well they have an M4 BB gun, but it is half the size. They have an almost full size M-16 looking gun, but it is clear plastic.

I know why this is. No one wants to sell a toy gun that some kid gets shot by a cop because of, but it seems a little sad. I enjoyed having toy guns as a kid, and my kids can’t now.

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