Working Too Hard


I’m sweaty and my back is going to kill me in the morning.

I believe I’ve explained that my house has a large room over the detached garage. This room was a gym to the previous owners and one of the reasons we bought the house. At the time we were looking for a house I was working from home and we set it up as my office. We went out and bought a big blonde wood desk and a special save the back chair.

Then I got laid off and had to go work in a office with three other people for a boss who thinks the anti-christ must work from home.

We used the room as a gym, doing weight training up there. But recently we haven’t done much of that and the Mrs decided we eventually make it a “teen room” for our boys. Well that progression is in high gear. In November we moved a couch up there and then for Christmas the grand parents bought the boys a new TV, DVD player, small refrigerator and a microwave. Yes they are spoiled. They also moved their GameCube up there.

We have a New Years party coming up and plan on them and some other kids spending the party time in this room. So I looked around and decided it would be better for them to have the computers that were in our house in the upstairs computer room up there and I could use the computer room for an office. So we needed to move the desk and table from the computer room, down a flight a stairs, through most of the house and up to the teen room. And we needed to move my huge desk the opposite direction.

And we pretty much did, which is why I’m sore. We didn’t quite git one of the desks up to the teen room. Its sitting on our front porch. But we’ll either get it there or throw it away.

But now I have a office I don’t have to go outside to use, which is cool, and we probably won’t see our kids unless they need to go to the bathroom.