Via Accordion Guy: Hello My Name Is Scott is a guy who wears a name tag all the time.

I need an affectation.

I have a costume party coming up at the end of the month and the theme is “come as your favorite movie star, in or out of character”. I’ve been trying to decide who to go as, which requires a couple of questions to be answered:

1) Who is my favorite movie star?

2) Can you make a costume out of them in or out of character?

3) Do you look anything like them?

I’ve gone through a few characters/actors. At first I wanted to be James Bond and wear a tux, but I just have too little hair to pull that off.

Next I thought, “Well Bruce Willis is the actor I’d most like to just hang with.” Which kind of makes him my favorite movie star. Not so much for the roles he’s played, but because of who I think he is as a person. And our amount of hair is similar. But what about the costume? I could do fatigues and do him from Tears of the Sun, which I’d have to rent and watch because I haven’t seen it. But them I’m an army man and not really Bruce. He has a blues singer with a hat look that is him in a couple of roles like like The Whole Nine Yards and Bandits.

Doing a little looking while writing I found this picture of Bruce and Demi that I could pull off and pay homage to Martin Blank. Actually there are a lot of different looks I could do as Bruce Willis.

Another person that came up was John Cusack, whom I like because Grosse Point Blank is one of my favorite movies. But I have no hair.

It has been suggested I go as Patrick Stewart since he is hairless. But I don’t really want to do Star Trek and the house isn’t wheel chair friendly for Professor X.

Making full circle back to name tags, we’re going to have name tags at the party where you put the actor and the character you are dressed as. It might be interesting to only fill in one for the first hour and let people try to guess.

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  1. Carlene says:

    No, no, no. I absolutely picture you dressed as the outlaw Josey Wales! Even Dirty Harry would be good, but I imagine you are not nearly weathered enough…

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