Tortured Artist Eulogy


We are gathered here today to remember Ray of Tortured Artist. He has closed down his blog.

Ray inspired my children to ask “Daddy I thought we weren’t suppose to invite people over we met on the internet”.

He’s undoubtedly leaving because of a recent selling of his soul by building his own PC. If I was Willow I’d cast a spell to have his soul returned to his vampire body, but I’m not. Hopefully one day he will realized the error of creating an undead creature with your bare hands and come back to the one true way.

Until that day we will miss Ray. It would be best to just think of him as riding off into the sunset with the shinny new motorcycle license.

And as a final insult, his blog has been removed from the all important Reactuate blogroll.

Written while listening to “Sweet Surrender”
album Surfacing
by Sarah McLachlan

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  1. The Tortured Artist says:


    I wish I could blame the death of the blog on the PC… although I do have some hazy recollection of writing "Ray’s Soul" on a piece of paper that I had to mail to Redmond to get my copy of Windows XP activated. Still, I don’t think that will hold up in court.

    If it helps, know that the PC is relegated to mundane tasks like proofing web sites, running engineering software and keeping the accounting straight. It is a pretty kick-ass gaming box also, but that’s not its raison d’être.

    I’ll still be a ghost in the machine, leaving knee-jerk reactionary comments on other peoples’ blogs. My blog had become a distraction, though, and wasn’t serving its purpose anymore. I was more interested in tweaking the look and feel or adding cool features than in writing – and I started the thing as a way to avoid all the tweaky stuff and just write.

    And we still intend on having you and the brood over to our place. Then we can both have broken the internet stranger rule.

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