Referrer Spam


I guess now that Ray has left the blogging world I’ll have to compain about referrer and comment spam. Ok, I can’t complain about comment spam because I don’t have any. Hardly have any comments at all. No I’m not sad. Really.

ANYWAY, I am getting referrer spam though. Not really new as I have gotten it before. Though I have to confess there was a least a spam to a hot naked russian chick today. (Its porn, she’s naked, you should know its not safe for work.)

The more confusing ones are those that seem to go to a blog. Like this one. Is this a real blog? Seems boring and a lot like other links I’ve gotten. But what good would it do to link here? There aren’t even any ads? I’m not going to kill file them yet.

Related to my referrer list, I had to write special code in my referrer script to handle Webcrawler changing thier search’s referring URL to be a URL without parameters. Have to parse out the URL and assume everything after the last slash is the query string.

UPDATE: Turns out this is a well known problem and has to do with porn. Guess I get to kill a bunch more referrers. If you’d like to see who I’m currently killing from my referrer list here’s a link to my kill file. The links at the top aren’t spammer, just links I don’t want to show up on the list because they happen all the time and don’t really go anywhere. Also here’s a link to my explanation of my scripts.

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