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Shelia had a post about someone’s review of Matrix Revolutions. A buddy of mine and I we to see it last night. I’m not going to really give a review but here’s some actor related thoughts:

As a non-actor reviewing acting there were some interesting things in Revolutions.

There was more than one point in the movie where I thought Hugo Weaving doesn’t get enough credit as Agent Smith. Given everyone in the film shows very little emotion even at the most monumentally emotional moments, Smith is down right rhapsodic. Nona M. Gaye did pretty well as the war bride.

The guy who played the guy with Smith in him was incredible as a guy with Smith in him. It was almost freaky.

The movie over all was good, but it was hard to live up to the expectations. And often the Matix movies don’t really reveal their depth until you see them a second or third time. You know the writer has a deep philosophical mean to every little thing, but it is often hard see the first time.

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  1. Alicia says:

    i thought the matrix was the most adventures movie ever i believe it will win tons of awards i cant stop thinking of what happened to neo at the end of the matrix revolution i pray to god that they make a 4th 1 .those movies keep you on the edge of your seat i want to watch them over and over and over.if they dont make a 4th one i will be pissed cuz at the end of revolutions it just leaves you hanging but the orcale kinda gave you a hint so i think he is alive but then again i think he is dead . i realy dont know what to think.but anyway i love keanu reeves and carrie ann moss i gueess im making you think i am obsesed with the matrix well i guess i am that movie is great i loved it well c-ya g2g with all Alicia Fair

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