I was reading a post on holsters over at Hell In A Handbasket and wrote the following as a comment, but then I couldn’t connect to actually post it.

I’m one of those guys with a couple of holsters. I really haven’t found the perfect one that lets me carry all the time. The real problem for me is I have one gun – a Walther p99 – which is full sized and hard to conceal.

But I’ve got three holsters. I have a PagerPal, which will conceal the gun down next to your crotch. But if you have any kind of belly it is hard to draw, especially if you tuck your shirt in.

I have a really cheap nylon holster with a belt clip that I used to wear in the center of my back inside the waist band. I found it pretty comfortable, but hard to put on.

I also have a hard plastic belt holster with a forward cant that I like. It is pretty comfortable and holds the gun securely in a great draw position. Disadvantage is that it is outside the belt so I have to wear something that covers it like a jacket or untucked shirt. I also normally wear kaki style pants, which have the pocket just in front of the leg seam, which is right were the barrel comes down, which makes it hard to get into the pocket.

I don’t wear the PagerPal at all, but the others are OK when I want to carry and dress is flexible.

I’ve considered a fanny pack. A co-worker does that and he carries all the time. I think it might make me look fatter than I already am so I haven’t gotten one yet. It would have the advantage of being wearable no matter what you are wearing. Its hard to hang a gun off the waistband of a pair of shorts.

Written while listening to “We Close Our Eyes”
by Oingo Boingo

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