Sunday Reunion Photos


I got some pictures developed today from the Sunday reunion meeting. I learned a few of things.

First, even with good light, 800 speed film will show some grain.

Second, what I think I took isn’t necessarily what I took. One picture, which I thought would be the best of the roll, turned out to have one of the subjects with her eyes closed and her mouth open. (Didn’t include that one on the upload)

Thirdly I learned the subject makes a big difference. My best pictures were the ones of children. 1, 2, 3, 4.

I did like this one of birds on a roof, though I’d like to get rid of the utility pole. Also would have been cool to use the Fuji Velvia slide film that has a high saturation to make the red brighter. Might be able to do that in Photoshop, could definitely get rid of the pole there.

I love my new lens. The limited depth of field made pictures look better.

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