Ahh Britney Spears. What to say. She is an enigma. On one hand she dresses and performs like a modern day Madonna. On the other hand she claims Christianity and held on to her virginity for a very long time. And even when she lost it, she lost it to a guy she thought she would be with forever.

I even like some of her music. I actually liked her cover of Satisfaction. I’m not really sure why. I own that album. Most of her music though it too teeny-bopper for me.

And now she is growing up. The image is losing some of its sugar and gaining a little sophistication. While Christian Agulara has decided to go with stripper as her grown up persona, Britney has more subtlety. Not a lot mind you. The picture at the right is still very sexual, just not in a “that’ll be $20” kind of way.

This picture is going to be a a cover for Esquire magazine. I got it via, which often has a very not work safe banner ad. As much importance as people put on toplessness in women, I think this bottomless look is at least as sexy if not more so. Of course I have a thing for legs and high heels.

Written while listening to “Here Without You”
album Away From The Sun
by 3 Doors Down