Reunion Saturday Night


We went to the official reunion in downtown Houston last night. Took a little doing to find the place. Finding the building involved drive around a good chunk of the city and doing half a block going the wrong way on a one way street. Then we couldn’t find the place in the building and wondered around the parking garage some.

Finally got there around 7:16 and there were about a dozen people there. By the end of the evening there were close to 200.

I took a lot of pictures and will be posting the pictures in the near future. Right now I’m having problems with my host and can’t upload pictures. (Remember the pictures on my blog are generally links to bigger pictures)

I had a really good time. The person who really made if for me was Kris Shelly (pictured on the right with my wife on the left), because she remembered me and said “You were really smart and kind to me. That was a rare thing for high school guys.” Made my night. I don’t really remember Kris, but maybe I had a crush on her. I know I do now. Being kind was probably the boldest thing I was willing to do back then to show a girl I liked her.

A lot of the party was a blur. S worked the room well and made a lot of the wall flowers happy. She also read people’s bios and then went and found them and asked them about the interesting things they had done.

I mentioned Tammy (Whitey) Insoft yesterday(right). Well I wasn’t the only one who noticed how good she looked. She won the award for the Most Changed. I was brave and told her how she was an inspiration being my age and just looking totally hot. She was kind of flabbergasted. I mean she has to know she’s looks great, but she reacted like it was a total surprise someone would say so. She even kissed me, and then wiped the lip stick off my cheek. S was there and she came over and told her the same thing. We talked a little about working out, which she does a lot.

I have a picture of her and me together, but I’ve got my eyes closed and look way too fat for it to be posted. The one at the right was taken while she was checking in. I don’t know who the guy in the background is. It isn’t her husband.

Everyone was really nice. There wasn’t anyone who seemed to think they were better than anyone else. I had conversations with people I never talked to in high school. It was a lot of fun.

They told us we were to go find anyone we had a big crush on and tell them. I wanted to tell the cheerleader who lived next door to me high school, who I said maybe two words to in my whole life and who I used to watch sun bath out my bedroom window, but alas she wasn’t there.

On related note one of the organizers, Shannon McElroy, was a cheerleader back in the day and M and I went and talked to her at one point. She insisted she remembered us, though I doubt she really did. But she was real nice and we remembered her as always being that way. We told S that and later she went and found Shannon and told her we had said she was nice even back then. She was very touched and said everyone thought if you were a cheerleader you were a bitch. Probably because in a lot of cases it was true, but no in Shannon’s.

So one of the big things I learned about reunions was you should go tell people the things you liked about them. It is those things that will make you feel good after 20 years. If you are still in high school and reading this, remember that. In 20 years it won’t matter if you were popular and could snub the geeks and nerds, but it will be remember if you are nice to them.

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