Referrer Spam


I’ve been getting spam referrers in my referrer list for the past few days. I already have a list of domains/URLs that don’t make it onto my page of referrers. They are in my log file, but don’t show up on the page when you look at the list.

This list was originally to keep robots out of the list and links to myself. It easily adapted to get rid of these spamers. I looked around the net for a list of spammer URLs that others have run into but didn’t find one. So I’m providing a link to my list. It needs to be clear the first few domains are not spam, they are robots I don’t want in the list. There is nothing wrong with them.

A little more searching found this blog entry on how to get rid of comment spam in MT. He has a list of URLs that he filters out and I added it to the bottom of my list. I had to remove the comments because of the way my script works.

I also added a weird string “search?encquery” to filter out these weird URLs from AOL that look like searches, but have random text in them and no query.

On a related note remember you can see my list of search engines as well. This is the list used in my referrer script to display search results.

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