Photography thoughts


If you’ve been reading the blog long, you know I want to get into photography more and really want to move up to a digital SLR. But I’m having second thoughts.

Right now I’m in the process of selling my old stand alone TIVO on eBay. I’m hoping to get around $200, but will probably get less. So hopefully I’m going to have around $200 to spend on a new camera. Right now I have a Nikon 4004, which is a film SLR that I’m not real happy with because it doesn’t have any way to tell what you exposure settings are and very minimal metering. I also just bought a 70-300mm Nikon zoom for it.

My recent thought has been I will sell the 4004 and take that money and the other money and buy a N80. Which would get me a much better film camera.

But I really want a digital camera because the cost of use is much lower. There is no processing cost because I mostly don’t need prints. Also there is immediate feedback on the quality of the picture you just took. Obviously the optimal thing would be to get a Digital SLR but they are very expensive. Even the new Canon Digital Rebel is $999.

This weekend is my 20th High School reunion and I was thinking I’d like to take some pictures. Friday night there’s a meet up at a local Blues club and I’m thinking taking a 35mm SLR would be a pain to carry around all night. What I really need is a point and shoot digital that would fit in my pocket.

So now I’m thinking I should give up this whole SLR idea for a few years and get a digital point and shoot. But that seems a cop out.

I don’t know I’m conflicted.

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