I’m glad its Friday. Though I’ve done very little real work this week at work I’m ready for it to be over.

I was going to the Lone Star Bike Rally this weekend, but have decided against it. We are making a concerted effort to get out of debt and the first month we will be on a real budget is October. This means we shouldn’t start the month behind. Going to the rally started adding up. $10 to park, a tank of gas to get there and back ($25), eating out at lunch at least ($25), film for pictures ($5), and developing the pictures ($20). So we end up $85. Pretty high for the two things I’ll get out of it. 1) A chance to ride an Aprilla motorcycle – which is probably too much bike for me anyway, and 2) to take pictures of biker chicks.

We’ll still probably go out to eat. I’m leaning toward Chuy’s which is the boys favorite place. But I picked last weekend, so S gets to pick this one.

We are undoubtedly going to Skeeters at some point because they sent us a coupon for a free entree because we joined their email list. That’s a pretty good deal.

I’m changing the title of the Friday Five category to Surveys. I was going to do the Friday Five this week, but there isn’t one.

Written while listening to “My Little Town”
album Blurring The Edges
by Meredith Brooks
Written while listening to “Shatter”
album Blurring The Edges
by Meredith Brooks
Written while listening to “Bad Bad One”
album Bad Bad One
by Meredith Brooks

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  1. The Tortured Artist says:

    You forgot the additional $7500 you’d be spending next week on a bike after you got back from the rally with visions of BMWs and Ducatis dancing in your head…

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