I’m planning to redo the site and spent some time at the CSS Zen Garden. Some really cool stuff. I’m try to make my site conform to their format so I could use any CSS file with my site. Isn’t really working because the html page for Zen Garden is finite, so a lot of designers do graphics for the paragraph headings. A blog is dynamic and those titles change all the time.

Still there are a lot of cool ideas. What about a horizontal blog? It would mess with people’s heads. And it could be functional. I mean you have to scroll down to see past entries, so what’s wrong with scrolling right?

But the boys want to watch a movie with me and my brain is tired, so I’m going to go watch a movie.

I’ve got a series of blog entries I want to write – heck some are done in my drafts section – but I’m not sure I have the guts to publish them. So I’m avoiding.

Written while listening to “matrix – Track 11”
Written while listening to “Imperfect girl”

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  1. Carlene says:

    You can check out a decent horizontal blog here: . Personally, I am still a vertical traditionalist.

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