My mom the cyborg


My mother has a TENS unit installed in her. This device has a small computer that is surgically implanted in her abdomen and has wires that run under her skin around her body to her back. These wires give small shocks to he spinal cord. The purpose of these shocks is to block pain impulses from her legs and back. She’s suffered with lower back pain for most of my life.

This computer has batteries in it and therefore has to be replaced periodically because the batteries wear out. Battery life has been getting better, doubling every-time she’s had it replaced. The third time was just recently. Then it got infected. They tried to treat the infection with antibiotics, including intravenous ones, but it didn’t go away. She went under the knife today and had her unit removed. They left the leads in, so I guess they will put a new one in when she gets better.

The surgery went OK, but she gets to spend the night in the hospital. If y’all would pray for her I’d appreciate it.

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  1. The Tortured Artist says:

    Consider it done.

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