I took Wednesday off from work for a self retreat.

Work has been really slow. I mean REALLY slow. Like I’ve got nothing to do. I even went to my boss and asked what he wanted me to do next – I practice I try to never do – and he didn’t have anything for me to do. I’ve had stretches of work at different times in my career where I didn’t have anything to do. And I find at the end of these stretches I always end up wishing I’d used the time to work on my own stuff.

But right now I’m suffering from not knowing what to do. I don’t really have any side projects I want to do. And I was asked where I wanted to be in 5 years the other day and didn’t have an answer. This is unusual for me. So I decided I needed to get away for a day and just look at where I wanted to be.

So I took the day off and got up in the morning rode my bike in the rain. Then I loaded up a few books and my computer and drove off to Galveston and sequestered myself in the Rosenburg Library and thought about my future.

I do now have some goals for the next few years and I may share them in the next couple of days. I’m influenced by Tony Robbins and spent the trip down to Galveston listen to his series on goals. One of the things he says to do to get leverage on yourself to accomplish your goals is to tell everyone your goals. Then you’ll be embarrassed if you don’t actually do them.

Another thing he suggests is writing all the reason’s why you must do your goals and what bad things will happen if you don’t. I’ve done this some, but probably need to do it more.