Fuel efficiency and motorcycles


Gabriel posted a comment asking for suggestions of fuel efficient motorcycles. I haven’t really paid attention to fuel usage on the bikes I’ve been looking at, but I found an AMA article on saving money on fuel costs over cars that I thought was interesting.

An interesting comment in the article is most people aren’t buy a motorcycle because of fuel costs.

UPDATE: I just reread my post Gabriel commented on and noticed gas cost $1.39 then and is $1.57 now. Which makes my fuel savings now $719 a year.

As an aside, I bought a helmet yesterday. Don’t even own a bike but I have a full face helmet now. There is a new cycle accessory store near where I work and I decided to stop in at lunch and see what they had. They have a bunch of stuff, including a whole wall of helmets. I was trying some of the cheaper ones for size. These were HJC helmets for $149. I looked over and they had a couple of helmets sitting on boxes for $79. They were normally $179, but were on clearance since they had a discontinued graphic design. There were only 2 left but they were my size, so I bought one.

Just did a search and here is my Fusion II helmet for $107.99 online. So I did get a good deal.

Now I just need to get a chance to ride.

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