Cell phones of the future


Via Gizmodo: A gallery of future designs for cell phones.

I’ve always thought the global (only pictures I could find) from Earth Final Conflict was the device of the future. Modern smart phone PDAs have almost all of the functionality except video transmission and the roll up screen. Flexable displays are almost here.

I want an uber device: Cell phone, PDA, 1+ MP camera, HD based MP3 player. Right now you can get each of these alone or a combination of a couple of them but not all in one. I’d actually carry two if I could get them all. I thought I’d carry my iPod all the time and have my contacts on it. But I don’t because I really don’t move around enough to listen to the iPod a lot. I used to carry my Palm primarily so I could have my contacts and take notes, but syncing hasn’t worked since I went to OSX because my cradle sucks.