Photo sites


Found a few cool new photography sites. First there is the Photography Blog, a photography news blog with a RSS feed.

From it I found Vivid Light, an online photography magazine. It has some cool articles including one entitled “What Do You Say To A Naked Model?” (Not Work Safe) and “Putting Film in Your Digital Camera“. Haven’t explored it a lot, but what I’ve read I like.

The “What Do You Say To A Naked Model?” story is written by Joe Farce, a glamour photographer. The incredible image to the left is from the article. Of course I have a bias toward redheads, but the photo is just great. Hopefully Joe will forgive me for putting it on my site if you all go visit his site.

Joe’s site has information about the classes he teaches. I also have his book Part-Time Glamour Photography: Full-Time Income. I’m thinking about getting his ebook Everyday Glamour. I’m a little worried about the format, but since I have PowerPoint it shouldn’t be a problem. I’d like to learn to make good portraits even if the subject isn’t a half dressed professional model.

I wonder how many pictures he takes to get the awesome ones? When a professional photographer does a photo shoot with a model how many images is he looking to get and how many does he have to shoot? I guess how many he needs depends on how he is selling them.

In Joe’s book he talks about group shoots, where a local organization arranges for a number of models and then a whole bunch of amateur photographers pay to come in and shoot the models. He says it is a good way to get practice and meet models. I’ve looked on the net, but haven’t found anything like that in the Houston area.