Surviving a power outage.


Reading a woman’s account of getting out of the subway and going home in NYC made me think. I’d thought about it earlier today when I heard they were without water in some places.

We have a storage of water that would probably last a couple of days. We buy these Diet Ice Botanical things at Costco by the case. When we finish them we fill them with water. We keep a bunch in the fridge because we like to have water bottles, but we’ve also filled a couple of the cases over time and just have them stored. There is a limit to how long you can store tap water.

We have flashlights in every room. They should all have fresh batteries. Probably should check them. Especially the boys, they have a tendency to actually use the flashlights.

But we need 9 volt batteries. The fire alarm is out downstairs. Has been for a couple of weeks, and I haven’t gotten 9 volts to replace the ones I took out to make it stop beeping. Also bought a new answering machine that needs a 9 volt to keep settings when the power is disconnected and we don’t have any. Need to get some this weekend.

I also have an AM/FM/Shortwave radio in my bedside table that I haven’t used in at least a year, but it would probably be the only radio we’d have working if the power went out. Ought to check its batteries too.

Don’t have this woman’s survival kit with money though. I know that is important. May need to do that.

We do have bug out bags, which in our case is a backpack in the garage with clothes and stuff in it. Also have some water, food and a first aid kit in my car’s trunk. Flashlights and a knife in each car too. Need to go through the BOB and make sure things are up to date. Been so long the kids clothes probably don’t fit any more.

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