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I’ve wanted for a while to be able to find weblogs by type, but haven’t really been able to do that. Today I thought, what I need is something like Yahoo used to be for blogs. A weblog directory. A google search later I found Eaton Web Portal. Which looks like at least a good start. I submitted Reactuate, so we’ll see what kind of traffic it generates.

Could use a better name.

UPDATE: So I tried a few weblog’s from the directory. Found a few things that bothered me.

One was, since you get to set your own category, you put a lot of things on your blog. Then when you look at a category you get blogs that are totally unrelated. For example looking at the motorcycle list you have to dig through a number of primarily gay blogs. One whose current listing ends with “…ohh is my butthole sore”. And nary a motorcycle entry.

After a few of those blogs you start worrying about every blog you look at. The fact is most blogs are boring. I don’t care how much you drink, or how many gay men you’ve had sex with. But some people might so I can just skip over those. Eaton has a ranking system, but it is global, not categorical. So if a bunch of people like your blog because they are fellow angry gay women, you get a high rating and are listed at the top of the motorocycle category, even when you never mention motorcycles.

Lastly when you get a category listing, each entry lists all of the categories with it. This is just visual clutter.

It would be nice to have someone categorize the blogs manually, but that would take time and people would get pissed.

Did find one blog of the dozen or so I look through that was kind of cool. Stiletto Philosophy. Cool name brought me there. And a interesting insight into the female psyche kept me reading. The Philosophy itself was cool. No RSS feed though.

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