Cool blog names


I was looking at my referrers and noticed I’d gotten a lot of hits from blog hot or not in the last couple of days. I think it is because a couple of days ago I went and updated the keywords to conform to my categories. This must have moved me back higher in rotation.

I decided to do my part for blog hot or not and started going through a few blogs. There were some interesting blog names, though I didn’t find any blogs I wanted to keep reading.

Cool names:

Of Steel Ink and Summer Nights

Amorous Propensities

And my personal favorite name: Life of a Wild and Crazy Redhead

Also what are people looking for in a blog? Reactuate is currently rated 6.6, so blogs I found really boring are rated 9+. Maybe they just have more friends.

If you have feelings about the blog feel free to comment. I’m always open to suggestions.

Written while listening to “Mission imposssible”
album ^a
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Written while listening to “Born In The U.S.A”
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by Bruce Springsteen