Biker babes


I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m probably not going to be selling my car and buying a motorcycle. I’m still going to take the class — have to its already paid for — but the ultimate thing was looking forward in time. If I sell my car and buy a motorcycle, in a year I’ll have no car payment and no car. If I don’t get a motorcycle, in a year I will have no car payment and a car. So in a year it is moot. The only thing I gain is not having a car payment for a few months.

But that aside I still want a motorcycle. They are just cool. I’ve decided I want a sport bike instead of a cruiser and I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to the Suzuki SV650S, which isn’t a true sport bike, but a “combo” bike. So it is suppose to be more comfortable to ride. Everyone who reviewed it on Epinions loved it. I probably prefer it had full faring, but it still looks cool and you can add that later.

While looking for more pictures of the SV650 I found which has a ton of pictures sent in by regular users. That’s where I got the picture at the left. That’s not the SV650, but the RGSX, which is way too much bike for me.

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