Weird Al and GNUTella


Going on a road trip this weekend to see my family in Arkansas, which means the boys will be spending 8 hours in the car, so I decided I should make them a CD. Currently they like 3 songs, Love Shack (B-52s), Who Let the Dogs Out (Baha Men), and If I Had $1,000,000 (Bare Naked Ladies).

Given the theme running through these songs I decided they needed to be introduced to Weird Al Yankovic. One of my co-workers is a fan so I’d listened to some of his stuff via iTunes sharing. I used Acquisition to get on GNUTella and searched for Al. Got back a bunch of songs which weren’t his, but were labeled as his. Seems on file sharing networks if it is a parody it’s by Weird Al. There is even a site that tells you about what song aren’t Weird Al.

Ended up with this list:

Couch Potato – Weird Al Yankovic – Poodle Hat
Complicated Song – Weird Al Yankovich – Poodle Hat
Trash Day – Weird Al – Poodle Hat
Fat – Weird Al Yankovich – Even Worse
Hardware Store – “Weird Al” Yankovic – Poodle Hat
Ebay – Weird Al Yankovic – Poodle Hat
Ode To A Superhero – “Weird Al” Yankovic – Poodle Hat
Eat It – Weird Al Yankovich – “WEIRD AL” YANKOVIC IN 3-D
It’s All About The Pentiums – Weird Al Yankovic – Running With Scissors
I Want A New Duck – Weird Al Yankovic – Permanent Record- Al In The Bo
Polkamon – Weird Al Yankovic – Pokemon the Movie 2000- The Power Of One
Amish Paradise – Weird Al Yankovich – Bad Hair Day
I Ran Over The Taco Bell Dog – Adam Sandler
Cows With Guns – Dana Lyons
Who Let the Dogs Out – Baha Men – Promo Only Mainstream Radio Ju
Smells Like Nirvana – Weird Al Yankovic – OFF THE DEEP END
Jurassic Park – Weird Al Yankovic
Star Trekkin – The Firm
Living La Vida Yoda – Weird Al Yankovic

Written while listening to “These Days”
album PromoOnly Mainstream Radio-Jul

by Jennifer Paige
Written while listening to “Nightingale”
album Come Away With Me

by Norah Jones
Written while listening to “All I Wanna Do”
album Tuesday Night Music Club

by Sheryl Crow