Atkins week 1


Results are mixed. Below is the first two weeks in my spread sheet. One thing that is glaringly obvious is the BF went up not down, even though the weight went down 5.2 lbs. This should mean I lost nothing but muscle. Which is possible, but the measurements don’t seem to agree. I lost .5 inches in my waist. Shawn Philips says you have to lose 10 pounds to lose an inch, which would be about right here. Fitness magazine said losing in the waist is almost always an indication of loss of fat, not muscle. I mean I don’t have .5 inches of muscle in my gut. Also look at the Navy BF calculation. They say I’m down 1.3%, which is good.

So I’m thinking it is my BF scale.This scale is very sensitive to hydration and one thing Atkins is diuretic, meaning you lose a lot of water, which would cause this scale to go up. I haven’t tried calipers, they might be better, but they are very susceptible to user variation and I don’t like the way they use a chart that says if I have the same skin fold as a 18 year old I’m still higher in BF.

And while these measurements are great in an abstract way, I still lost .5 inch in my waist, which is good any way you look at it.

I haven’t been exercising and I need to just do it and stop waiting to feel like doing it. That’s kind of the point. If I don’t feel like doing it I really need to do it.

Week Weight % body fat Muscle Fat Weight BF Muscle Fat Shoulder Chest Bicep Waist Hip wrist Neck Date Taken Waist To hip Ratio chest to hip chest to waist Navy Men %BF
1 198.2 22 154.596 43.604 39.25 12.25 37.75 40.25 6.75 15.5 36306 0.937888199 0.97515528 1.039735099 28.59964779
2 193 22.6 149.382 43.618 -5.2 0.6 -5.214 0.014 39.5 12.25 37 40 6.75 15.5 36313 0.925 0.9875 1.067567568 27.31882511
Projected 141 31.03404255 97.242 43.758 -57.2 6.6 -57.354 0.154
total -5.2 0.006 -5.214 0.014 -5.2 0.6 -5.214 0.014 0 0.25 0 -0.75 -0.25 0 #DIV/0! #DIV/0! #DIV/0! -1.28082268
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