Atkins Day 3


I feel much better today. Most all of the grogginess is gone, as are the aches and pains. I’ve been eating a lot of meat. Had half a pound (before cooking) of bacon last night. I don’t think I’ve had bacon in over a year at the least.

Weight is down again today by about .4 lbs. I’m not sure I should be checking it daily, but Atkins claims are like that. They promise at least six pounds in two weeks for a guy. It would take me at least 4 weeks to lose that in BFL. So if I do 9 pounds in 14 days I would see change every day. If I did 12, which is the high end for guys, that change would be almost a pound a day. As a matter of fact the Atkins website says not to lose more than a pound a day.

Written while listening to “Nobody Loves You”

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