New weapons ban


Looks like it’s gun day on Reactuate.

Went looking for information on the reenactment of the assault-weapons ban and found this article on the NRA’s front page. The old ban of scary looking weapons, and too many bullets was bad/stupid, but this is just a gun grab. Can they really think they can get this bill through the House and past the president? Or are they just asking for the moon as a starting point and think Republican’s will cut it down and the ban will be increases?

Supposedly Bush is in favor of extending the scary looking weapons ban, which is a disappointment.

Here’s some cool links I found while searching.

Gun News Sources, which has some great metaphors for the various gun groups.

Gun Owners of America – “The 80-pound, hyper-active chimpanzee of gun-rights groups”


Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries, which is a blog of sorts.

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