Conquest: Urban Ops



I’ve TIVOed the history channel show Conquest. Its a cool show that shows you a lot of weapons and tactics from through the ages. Really its broader than that. It covers any form of combat and how to win. Its included things like destruction derby and bull riding.

Couple of weeks ago it was Urban Ops and they went to a training center for SWAT types and learned how to do urban ops. It was a really interesting view of how these guys are trained. It actually looked pretty cool, made me want to do the training just for the fun of it.

One thing I learned was urban ops people all use the HK MD5. They shot them equipped with a suppressor (sliencer) and it was fascinating to not hear it fire. When they were firing live ammo at metal targets all you heard was the bullet hitting the target.

Also interesting was learning how special ops guys go through a building. They point out common sense says turn sideways to your target to present a smaller target, but these guys are wearing body armor. Turning sideways presents your weakest point, so they go strait at the target. And you want to tuck your elbows against your body because when you come around a corner the elbow would come out first.

Reading the civilian section of HKs site I found the civilian version of the MD5, the HK94.

Don’t get me started on the assault-weapon ban. This banned rifles that looked scary.

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  1. Mike says:

    I’ve been searching for this exact show and I can’t find it listed on the History Channel anymore. Anyway I could get a copy of the show either tape or mpeg file? I’ll gladly pay any costs. I need it for some training in Americas Army:Operations.

  2. Nelson says:

    Does someone have a copy of this. I would also like a copy of the Urban Ops program. I saw it when it was aired, but forgot to tape it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    History Channel doesn’t seem to sell them. I don’t have it either, but the show is still doing repeats, so you might be able to catch it when it comes on again.

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