Great About Me


While researching the Runaway Democrats story I came across a new Texan blog – Rachel Lucas – Piquance. Impudence. Ordnance. and I really like her little About Me on the right side:

Rachel is a 31-year-old gun-totin’ capitalist oppressor college student with two jobs, two dogs, and no kids. If you take offense to that, kiss my ass. Don’t mess with Texas, because that’s where Rachel lives with John, where they like to make fun of liberals and play with guns

I’m a big fan of About Me pages on blogs. When you come to a blog for the first time you may read a few entries, and if you are lucky they will tell you something about the author. If you aren’t they are snippets of news stories or links, and you don’t learn enough about the person to know if you want to come back. If they have an About Me link you can get more in depth info quickly.

Rachel’s one line expresses more about her than probably my entire about me and with more style.

UPDATE:After looking around Rachel’s site I also have say I’m impressed that she has a FAQ. A good one. I wondered three of the things on the FAQ. Namely “Why can’t I leave a new comment?”, “Do you have an RSS feed?” , “Where does Rachel go to school?”

Written while listening to “Go Your Own Way”
album Greatest Hits

by Fleetwood Mac