Better Government Through Inefficiency


I’ve always felt that one of the reasons government in the US works is because the government is so inefficient. If our congress critters could all agree and efficiently pass laws, they’d control every aspect of your life. If our government bureaucrats weren’t hamstrung by stupid rules they would fill the prisons or bankrupt us all and bring every business to a grinding halt.

Lucky for us the government only works so well.

Which brings us back to Texas. One aspect of the government that makes it positively inefficient is that it only makes laws part of the year, when it is in session. Imagine how much stupid crap would be law if they did it year round. Well Texas is even better than the Fed. Our law makers only meet for 4 months every other year.

Now this means they work like demons for those 120 days. Long days to get all the bills they can through in that time. Thousands of bills will be introduced and many won’t pass because they are moved down the queue and just won’t get through the legislature in the short time they have.

Which brings us to the Runaway Democrats. There was a bill in that queue they didn’t like and couldn’t vote down, because the people didn’t send enough Democrats to do it. So in the very democratic Democrats are using their favorite new tactic – don’t let them vote. Same thing they did with the judicial nominee in the US Senate. Or when they replaced the Democratic candidate for Senate in NJ, with someone the people hadn’t voted for.

Written while listening to “Little Lies”
album Greatest Hits

by Fleetwood Mac