More New Look


Messed with the HTML and CSS some more and changed the masthead. Now it takes on the typewritten look of the rest of the page and the category list is horizontal across the top. Along with the other navigation links. Saves a lot of space in the sidebar.

While messing with things I kind of delete my site list template. I’ll have to recreate it to put it back. I also told Nucleus to only display 10 entries instead of 15 to get the referrers off the front page. It loads much faster. Though I do no notice the Blogroll loads slower. I know a solution to this. Have the script generate a file that is included. Since the list changes very rarely this should work fine. I could even have the script check to see if the OPML file has changed and the re-gen in that case, or just return the file’s content. Just have to do it.

Written while listening to “The Game of Love”

album (unknown)

by Santana (feat. Michelle Branch