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Was on Feedster and ended up on The Tortured Artist and posted a comment about how I use Kung-Log to make ITMS links. So I thought I should make sure I post on how that works.

Here’s the Kung-log text that is in my iTunes prefs

&lt;div class=”nowplaying”>Written while listening to <a href=”itms://^t”>” ^t”</a>
<br />album ^a
<br />by <a href=”itms://^p” >^p</a&gt;&lt;/div&gt;

Basically you can make three kinds of search links, songTerm, artistTerm, albumTerm, composerTerm, and term. You just put what you want to search for on the end of the URL “itms://” except for the term search, which is the most general. In that case you use “itms://”.

I wrote a Cocoa app called ITMS LinkMaker that also lets you create links directly to albums and artists. But you have to do a search first to do that.

Written while listening to “Deconstruction”
album Become You

by Indigo Girls

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  1. Ron says:

    iTMS LinkMaker doesn’t work any more because Apple changed what iTunes sends back.

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