Traffic Ticket


I got a ticket a few weeks back (Good Friday) and am going to go to court about it. Found this article which is interesting about Houston tickets.

Interesting quote “Twenty officers now write a third of all Houston traffic citations”. The guy running the speed trap was a traffic enforcement officer, probably one of these 20.

One of the sidebar links says the law in Texas says, “State law says the speed limit is whatever is “reasonable and prudent.” The reasonable speed is deemed to be the 85th percentile, meaning that 85 percent of vehicles actually observed in a particular stretch are going that speed or slower and 15 percent are going faster. “

I was driving right next to another car going no more than a mile or to an hour faster. The cop had to stop that car so he could pull me over. We were leading a pack of cars. Sounds like I should be with in 15% of the other traffic on the bridge.

I’m sure I’ll be blogging about the day in court on May 20th. I’ve got to go to an attorney’s office by next Wednesday and pay him $100 to try and get me out of a $125 fine.

Guess I should mention I’ve taken Defensive driving recently, so I can’t use that to get out of it.

UPDATE: Texas laws governing the “reasonable and prudent”. Look for “545.351. Maximum Speed Requirement “. Even better look at this summary.

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