Slides v. Negatives


Blew my posting streak by not posting yesterday. But I did shoot a roll of slide film and finish a roll of negative film. The negatives were mostly snapshots and pictures of my son’s soccer game. I shot Fuji film this time.

Last weekend we went to the beach and I shot 3 rolls of color Kodak and one roll of B&W. I took them to Wal-mart to get developed (because they were one of the few 1-hr places open on Easter Sunday). Didn’t really like how they turned out. Decided I’d shoot Fuji this time to see if there was a difference. Not a really fair comparison because this weeks pictures were under bright skys and last weeks were under cloudy.

But I have to say the Fuji pictures seem to have brighter colors.

Also they were developed at Walgreen’s 1-hr. I’m trying to find a cheap, good place to get pictures made. Preferably one that can make digital versions of them. The girl at Walgreens told me they are getting a totally new machine that is all digital next Friday and they will be able to make PhotoCDs then.

I bought a roll of Kodachrome slide film while there, though she told me they would have to send it off to develop it and it would take a week to get it back.

One of the advantages of slide film is it is suppose to have a higher dynamic range. It can show more shades of the same color. And it is suppose to have a higher resolution. So I decided I would shoot pictures of the brightest colored thing I own, my red Firebird in the bright Houston sun. And since I ultimately would like to shoot pictures of beautiful women, I posed my wife in front of it for some of the shots.

There is another place here in Kingwood that said they could do slides overnight, so I took the slides there to be developed. I talked to them some and they said they could make PhotoCDs of slides or prints. They said they could make KodakCDs of prints, but not slides. Seems they have a slide scanner and can put multiple rolls on one PhotoCD. [OK, the net says these are the same thing. I’ll have to ask more questions next time.]

So I will be getting my first slides back on Monday. I’m wishing I had told them to scan them now, as I really have no way of viewing the slides. I could look for a cheap photo table.

I’ll post some scans as soon as I get them.

Here is a really great post/article on Slides vs. Negatives.