Giving up PT


I’m giving up on Physique’s program. It is just too much work. And I spend a lot of time feeling bad.

So often in life we do things by threshold. Things suck for a long time and then one day we reach some limit and that’s it. Things don’t get any worse in that instance, but we’ve taken all we can. That happen to me on Friday. I’ve been fighting some kind of illness for a couple of weeks now. I’ve gone to the doctor and gotten antibiotics, but the cough was still with me. I’ve also been choking down huge amounts of food for the past four weeks. These two things came to a head on Friday and my cough caused me to throw up at work and I took that as a sign to go home.

And it felt so good to have an excuse not to eat.

I also started fat burning so I was able to ride my bike again. And this felt good. But I was limited in how much I could do it. During my BFL days I was doing it 3 or 4 times a week. Now I could only do it once or twice a week.

To make a long story short I tossed the diet this weekend and ate bad food. I went for 3 bike rides and felt better than I have in weeks.

So I’ve decided to go back to BFL. I’m not really going to do challenges, this time. I’m just going to do BFL and track my changes over time.

I learned a lot for PT. Things like your muscles grow if you eat a lot of good calories. Pasta it good for you. Limiting sugar is important. I’m going to take that back and use it in BFL.