Getting better


I’m in week 3 of condition and have a finally started to figure it out. It no longer takes a hour to make a day with an A. Now I’m able to get A+. Got one today and am in the top 50. I’ve been there a couple of times which is cool.

Today was the first time I used a carb supplement. Just mixed it into my morning lean body. Added a different taste, but not much. I also added another cup of water.

Cool thing over the weekend. I gain half an inch in my biceps in a week. And it isn’t fat. My muscles are harder now. My pectorals are also bigger. In addition I only worked out once this week, on Monday and only did triceps and biceps. This is really the result of carb loading. It inspired me to do a full work out on Saturday morning.

When you under eat and work out you deplete the glycogen stores in your muscles. If you start eating a lot of carbs your muscle absorbs them and gets bigger. And you have more energy to work out with. Bodybuilders do it right before an event to pump their muscles. Runners do it before a long event because these energy stores are the first ones used in a run and having more give you more stamina until the body starts burning fat.

PT‘s body fat calculator says I lost 2% last week even though my weight went up. Which is fine with me. I’m now down at 16% according to them. My Tantnia says I’m down 1.2% to 19.4 from last week, but I was up last week. Still waist is steady which is good, means I’m not gaining fat even if I am eating 3100 calories.

If this keeps up I’ll have practically met my goals before I start fat burning. I promised Bill Phillips I’d lose 10 pounds of fat by the end of March and I’m now down 2.32 pounds of fat since the beginning of the year.