My next car


I currently drive a Pontiac Firebird, but GM in their wisdom have discontinued the Firebird/Camero lines, so I have to look for a different car for the future. Plus Pontiac has been a pain the ass on warranty and I’m not buying another one from them.

When I was young there were two cars I wanted, a Trans Am and a 280ZX. In a way I got the Trans Am. Now I need to work on the Nissan.

The new 350Z is a nice car. My best friend went to the Houston Auto Show yesterday and said he liked it, and the performance for price is really good. It does look nice, but the car I want is the new Mazda RX-8.

A “four door” sports car is very attractive to a middle aged guy like me. My Firebird will seat four, which is cool, though I don’t use it that much. The whole family went a week long vacation in it last summer and managed fine. The biggest problem with the Firebird is the size of the doors. They are real long, making getting out in a tight parking place a problem. The RX-8’s double door design should help in this.

They even have an X-Men version. Can’t ask for more than that.