I guess I’m officially off BFL. I started Physique Transformation officially today. I’m in the conditioning phase of the program which requires me to eat 2911 calories this week. I’ll then be going up over the next 4 weeks to 3321 calories. I have to maintain an Protein/Carb/Fat ration of 33/52/15.

It is actually hard to get enough calories. This program is MUCH more anal than Body for Life. You have to enter everything you eat and it grades you and you have to have an A average for the week. I managed to get an A on my first day which is good.

Though that’s on my plan, not my actual. I’ve already failed to eat one of the meals. When I entered Tuna I entered an entire can of tuna, with just some relish. It was way dry and I almost puked trying to get it down. So I only ate 1/2 of it. I’ve modified my foods and increase a turkey meal by 2 oz to make up for the lost tuna. My grade is still an A though.

PT tells you not to do cardio during conditioning, which will last 4 weeks. You only do cardio when you need it and anything you do during conditioning you have to keep doing and increase during Fat Burning. So I’m not during cardio. I’m allowed to do weights, and eating all this food, I’d probably gain some muscle, so I’ll probably keep doing BFL weights.

Had 3 free days this weekend. We just kept eating, knowing it was going to be a long time before we could do it again. No free days on PT. The funny thing was we felt terrible after every meal, but we’d just do it again in a few hours. But that’s over.

We’ll have to eat. I’m not hungry, but its time.