Day 52


Did upper body today with totally new exercises, which I can already tell are going to kick my ass. I’ll be sore in a day or so.

I should point out, to toot my own horn, I got up on my own and worked out on my own, which is a major thing for me.

I’m on my third day of the Physique Transformation “Preparation Phase”. This is the part where you enter all of the things you are eating. I’m continuing to eat my BFL diet during this phase. I’m not sure what I’m going to do about completing my BFL challenge if it looks like PT would work better. I also promised Bill I’d loose 10 pounds by the end of March. I think PT will take at least 2 months.

I’ve been lurking on the PT mailing list, and am amazed at what I’m hearing. Things like no cardio during the conditioning phase, and some people never lifted. Here’s a quote from one message, “I will admit that I did no exercises, the first rotation at all, during Conditioning.. OR FatBurning…, and I lost 23-24 lbs..;”

Having worked out as long as I have, not doing it would be hard. Also the misses has learned to love riding her bike and wouldn’t like to have to go weeks without doing it.