New Years dieting


I’ve been out of town for the the first full week of the new year and not really reading my mail. So I hadn’t noticed the surge in posts to the Body For Life mailing list I’m on. Lots of new years resolutions. I don’t go to a gym to work out, but I’m betting they are full right now. Need to wait about a month for them to clear out.

I don’t make new years resolutions. I do often make goals, but I haven’t been very good at keeping them in front of me, so I haven’t always done well with them. My best goals have been my fitness ones because they are in front of me daily.

If you are setting goals, or making resolutions, don’t forget the whys. You have to have written reasons why you must do these things. And good painful associations to what will happen if you don’t do it. And look at them often, daily if possible.

If fitness is your goal this year, check out Dr. John Hussman’s website and specifically his new years news letter.