Hard Cheescake


D.J. Wallis

When you are working out you start submerging yourself in the fitness lifestyle and culture. You start reading fitness books, blogs and magazines. We went to the book store today and bought 3 – Muscle Media, Energy, and Muscle and Fitness. So when I got home I started looking at websites. I found Muscle and Fitness’ site and found their gallery of pictures.

The picture to the left is of D. J. Wallis, and fitness competitor and hard body. Another thing about working out and looking at fitness pictures is you realize how lean D.J. is in this picture. Look at her abs, they’re exceptionally clear for a woman. and under her bikini bottom, on the side that has the three lines, you can see more muscle definition. I know from my reading that this is competition leanness, which she can’t maintain all the time. And like all cheesecake photography, lighting is used to highlight curves.

Still I’m impressed.