Battlestar Galatica


If you can ignore the arrogant tone of a director who thinks all current SF is crap because it looks like SciFi, this is an interesting article. They are thinking of doing Battlestar Galatica as a mini-series in a documentary style. One of the things I find most interesting is they say the sets will be functional. So they are going to have to come up with a engineering philosophy for a giant battle cruiser. They seem to be thinking of it like an aircraft carrier.

I like Babylon 5 a lot and felt it did a lot of what these people are talking about. Its space fighters handled like they were in micro-gravity and not handle like aircraft ala Star Wars. It had a grittiness to it. The sets did often have cheap look to them but I’ve mostly been watching the first season lately. But it always looked very functional.

I take it the battlestar isn’t ever going to mean aliens, otherwise there will be cultural issues to deal with.