Connecting to a Local VM With a Domain

Problem: When running a VMWare virtual machine, the machine has an IP you can connect to, but that is hard to remember and subject to change.

Context: VMWare running the Bitnami Magento image.


Configure the local machine’s host file to know the VMs ip. Now you can create SFTP bookmarks with the domain name instead of the ip.


1. Get the VMs IP address

On the VM machine type:


The IP address with be in the first section, and probably start with 10.0.x.x

2. On OSX change the host file.

The file is at:


Open it for editing. This needs to be done as root. BBEdit will ask you to authenticate.

Add a new line at the bottom bitnami-vm.local

Remember whatever domain you choose will over ride the rest of the internet, so I picked a .local, which might cause problems with bonjure.

3. Flush your local DNS cache

In terminal type:

dscacheutil -flushcache