Development Problems and Solutions

I’ve taken a new approach to documentation during a development process. There have been a number of times – especially when dealing with Magento – that I’ve had a problem doing something, figured it out and then a few weeks later I have the same problem again and can’t remember how to solve it. Often these are those problems that take hours to trial and error and google searching to figure out.

So I’ve come up with a solution. Now when I have one of these problems and solve it, I create a new Evernote note with a specific format and tag detailing how I solved it.

Every one of these notes starts with three headings, Problem:, Context:, Solution:. Then I fill in the information for each. The whole note gets a tag “problem/solution”. Now when I run into that problem again, I can easily find the note on how to fix it.

I’ve decided that since I often have to search and search online for the solutions to these problems, that I’d start making them blog posts here on Reactuate as well. So you can look forward a lot of development related posts in the very near future.