Tardis Phone Charger

Really it isn’t a phone charger, it’s a USB Hub. But it is a powered USB hub, which means you have to plug it in. And that means it will power up most USB devices connected to it. Like your phone, or the Bluetooth speaker I have for listining to audio books while in the shower. Anything you might plug into one of those generic car charger things, should work with this Tardis.
Tardis Phone Charger

You could buy it and put it on your bed stand and plug it in there. Connect your phone’s USB cable to it, and boom, you’ve got a Tardis Phone Charger any fan would be excited to have.

UPDATE (03/21/2013): This doesn’t work liked I hoped it would. I bought the Tardis USB hub and connected it to my computer and my iPhone, but it didn’t charge the phone. Apparently it’s not letting enough current through.

The hub does not come with an AC power brick, and to buy a compatible one seemed to be almost as much as the HUB itself. It might charge if it was connected to power.