Ready Player One Review

Ready Player OneReady Player One by Ernest Cline
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

(I listened to the Audio Version and read some of it on my Kindle)
As a geek child of the 80’s this books is one flashback after another. If you can remember details about Zork or John Hughes films, this book is for you.

Add the the nostalgia the fact the story of a distopian future where a virtual world is the center of commerce and life hasn’t been done this well since Snow Crash. The Ghunter reading list (chap 6, 2:34:20) will test your geek credit.

Wil Wheaton is the best possible performer for this title. He gets it. A geek with acting talent, just what it needed. I especially like in internal self reference that results.

After reading this I wanted to find other books Wheaton had read. The first actor whose inspired that. (And it led me to Redshirts which was the discovery of another great author)

This is Cline’s first book and I hope to see many more and hope they can live up to this one

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