Speaking of Simulators That Don’t Simulate.

One of my complaints about the Corona Simulator was that things don’t run at the same speed on the device and in the simulator. Generally they run faster in the Corona Simulator. Well working with Cocos2d, I had written 2 lines of code and discovered things don’t run in the iOS simulator like the device….

Corona SDK Game Project Post-mordem

This past semester I audited Intro to Digital Entertainment at ACU. I’ve always been interested in video game development and wanted to learn more. For my final project I decided to write a video game using the cross-platform mobile SDK, Corona. That project was due last Thursday and I decided to post my thoughts on…

Ready Player One Review

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline My rating: 5 of 5 stars (I listened to the Audio Version and read some of it on my Kindle)As a geek child of the 80’s this books is one flashback after another. If you can remember details about Zork or John Hughes films, this book is for you….